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we are a
3 year old
marketing agency
in Bangalore
who connect
brands with
their audiences
using content,
and insights.

Crafting transformative strategies, we forge powerful identities, curate intuitive interactions, and design unforgettable experiences, bridging the gap between individuals and iconic brands. A new horizon of connection awaits, where every touchpoint resonates, echoing the essence of unparalleled innovation and vision.

Content Strategizing
Brand Strategizing
Logo Designing
Brand identity design
Print & Packaging
Script Development
Video Production
Graphic design and CGI
Content development
UX and UI design
Front-end development
Back-end development


Crafting with care, we've worked with a range of clients, from startups to seasoned brands. Our journey spans various projects, each one a testament to our commitment and creativity. Together, we turn ideas into reality, making every collaboration shine brighter.
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A little
about our

One fine day while leading his team at the company he was working Mr Abidh Ali had a eureka moment. He picked up the phone, and Pranav’s phone rang. That phone call officially marks the beginning of this journey, THIS IDEA. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people, and see if they could become something more. See if they could work together when you need them to fight the battles you never could.

Then as we couldn't name it the Avengers Initiative (copyright issues, you know) there began the hunt for the name, after a hundred and three meaningful names we decided that we will call it Illucus.