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Illucus strategically executed campaigns that helped Interio Rabbit achieve an 80% increase in leads

On in Bangalore, which is one of the most experienced Construction Companies in the City. Interio Rabbit started a couple of years back with the aim of making a mark in the interior designing industry just like they have made in the construction field. They have always followed the traditional methods and due to the turn of events because of Covid, they decided to get into the Digital space.


Even though they had good sales through word of mouth, they wanted to level up their game. Their main objective was to get even higher sales figures. After trying their hands at lead generation they approached us.

Problems that we identified

Ideal targeting not being done – While running the ads, the target audience was not wide enough to actually yield results.
Poor branding – The branding for Interio Rabbit was not enticing enough for the target audience. This is something we had observed through the research and analysis of the sector and TG.

The Solution

Top to bottom rebranding – The campaign is only as successful as the foundation it’s set on. For this exact purpose, before we started on the campaign, we did a complete rebranding for the brand which included a new logo, colour palette and design style.

Fixed the targeting – The next step was to set a target audience that would actually be interested in the brand. For this, we had to think from their point of view and figure out where their interests lie. So we targeted an audience that have taken home loans and who are interested in home furnishings and decors.


Leads – We were able to provide Interio Rabbit with around 100 leads per month which had about 40% to 50% bankable leads.

Quality Engagement – The quality and quantity of leads improved drastically and the brand had leads from top players like prestige and brigade.

Key Initiatives

  • Provided complimentary design consultations to engage potential clients.
  • Executed a full-scale rebranding of Interio Rabbit’s visual identity.
  • Implemented high-intent lead forms to ensure lead quality.
  • Targeted an audience with a vested interest in home loans and interior products, such as sofas, furnishings, and modern bathroom accessories.


Interio Rabbit’s digital leap, powered by strategic branding and targeted marketing, has set a new standard for their business growth. The transformation not only expanded their reach but also enhanced the quality of their client interactions, proving that with the right digital approach, even traditional businesses can flourish online.

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